10 Tips to Expand Your Poultry Business in 2022

This article explains about important tips to expand your poultry farming business in 2022. 

Starting a poultry farm requires taking into consideration important factors as an intending farmer who wants to get it right to avoid common mistakes that limit the chances of a profitable venture.

So, whether you are raising birds for the commercial market or for family consumption, here is a list of 10 important tips to expand your poultry farming business in 2022. 

1. Start by choosing the best chicken breeds

If you truly want to maximize profits in your poultry business, then you must get this one right.

That’s because everything you do as a poultry farmer hinges on this one decision.

If you select a poor breed of chicken from the start, then you will likely suffer a lot of losses down the line.

Starting with the best set of chicken breeds is the only decision that can save you from this mess.

But the issue now is how to select the best breeds of chicken for your poultry business.

Here are a few things that you can do to guide your decision.

2. Decide the chicken products to focus on

There are many business areas to invest in when considering poultry farming business;

1. Broiler chicken for meat 
2. Layers chicken for egg production.
3. Running a hatchery
4. Poultry feed production 
5. Produce poultry farming equipment
6. Chicken processing

Whichever niche you decide to go into, your scale of operation will depend on the amount of money you have.

It also depends on how much you can access from financial institutions before you finally break even in the business.

So if your investment runs into millions of Naira, you can begin by acquiring a plot of land and putting up a structure deemed appropriate for the business.

But for the sake of starting small, producing broiler chicken or focusing on egg production is less expensive.

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It still depends on the scale of production though.

3. Start small at the beginning

Don’t start large-scale poultry farming business if you are inexperienced in the market.

For a business like chicken farming, you must start small and gradually expand as your company grows and the demand for your products rises.

Before you start a firm, you should conduct a thorough feasibility analysis. If there are too many competitors or if the supply of poultry goods in your area exceeds the demand, search for a new location to start your business or start another business.

There are various more profitable cattle farming businesses to consider.

4. Have your own sales outlet

Another way for your poultry farm business profitable through your own sales outlet and not rely only on supplying to retailers.

You don’t have to have too many sales outlets; you can start with just one. You can sell your own branded chickens and chicken parts and fresh eggs to consumers.

5. Do not stop learning

Successful growers are voracious learners. They read and study extensively and attend seminars. To expand your poultry business you must learn different skills.

Farmers should have a grower meeting atleast once a year, to learn and get upuates on new trends and dispenses information about the biggest threats to their income and success.

Attending meeting like this shows that you are committed and want to do better in your business.

The best growers stay abreast of new technology, read the educational materials from their company, the Extension service and in industry publications and keep up with the latest technology.

6. Prepare to compete

Income for the producer is based on their efficiency in comparison to a pool of farmers whose chickens are harvested around the same time.

Those who produce the most amount of meat by using the least amount of feed are paid higher than the average, while those who fall beneath the average receive less.

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The ones on the top of the list realise that it is a 24/7 job and that you have to be able to commit to that to be successful.

It is vital for new entrants to be aware that these large companies’ strategies are driven by the industry-regulated supply and demand markets, prompting them to modify arrangements with producers – which may affect farm income at times.

Often, upgrades to equipment can be mandated or numbers of flocks reduced, requiring farmers to seek new loans.

Although not forced to make changes, producers often feel their hands are tied and must comply or lose their only customer.

Farmers may work harder than their neighbour but must realise they cannot depend on being an above-average producer for every single contract or flock.

Even with perfect management effort, there is substantial risk and reserves may be required to cover periods of low income.

7. Offer Mobile Sales and Delivery Services

Because of our hectic lifestyles, twenty-four hours in a day is simply not enough for most of us.

Imagine having to cook, shop for groceries, care for your children, and handle a variety of other house chores while working a 9-5 job.

For many working parents, life is difficult, which is why mobile sales and delivery services are so popular.

Many people consider such services to be life-saving; they regard them as a way to get your essentials without having to deal with stress or traffic.

With a van or two, you’ll be able to start providing such services in your neighborhood, which will increase your income.

8. Government grants

Agriculture is something that the government is always interested in.

And that is why there are a lot of support programs for investors in the agricultural sector.

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Such support programs come in the form of government-backed loans and grants.

You should look out for such grants and apply for them.

9. Strictly follow medication and vaccination schedule

It is a good farm practice to vaccinate every new flock of birds you stock in your farm.

This will expand your poutry business by helping you to prevent an endemic disease outbreak which can lead to loss of birds in the poultry farm. 

Immunize your birds against some deadly poultry diseases like Newcastle Diseases (ND), Fowl Pox, Fowl Typhoid, Gumboro Disease etc.

Most hatcheries will likely immunize their chicks before selling. 

Do confirm from them so that you don’t go ahead and overdose he chicks.

You also need to get the right vaccination and medication schedule of the poultry species you’re raising. 

Medication such as dewormer and antibiotics are very important to the health of your chickens and other poultry species.

So, you have to keep a good stock of the medicines and vaccines you need to reduce poultry mortality.

10. Market and Sell your Birds

After you have done the needful, you can go ahead and start marketing your birds in order to expand your poultry business.

You can start with friends, family and neighbors first then others.

You can even get partnerships with hotels, restaurants, frozen food shops to deliver birds to them.

Once you get customers you can sell your birds.

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