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Nafasi za Ajira jeshi la Polisi 2024 for form four and Form six. If you have completed form four, you can apply using the form four certificate. and if you have finished form six you can apply using only form six certificate.

If the field you studied is not available and you want to apply for police force jobs, you can also use the form four or form six certificate for the form four or form six field

Genaral Applicant Qualifications

  • a) Be a citizen of Tanzania by birth.
  • b) Must have graduated form four or six from 2018 to 2023.
  • c) For fourth and sixth form applicants as well as Diploma holders be aged from 18 to 25 years.
  • d) For the applicants of the fourth form to have a first grade pass the fourth border (Division I – IV). For applicants with a grade of four (Division IV) should have a score of 26 to 28.
  • e) For form six applicants to have a first grade pass third border (Division I – III)
  • f) Bachelor and Diploma graduates should be 18 years old up to 30.
  • g) Must be at least five feet and eight inches (5’8″) tall for men, and five feet four inches (5’4”) for women.
  • h) Have a national identity card or an identity number from the authorities of national identities (NIDA).
  • i) Be able to speak Kiswahili and English.
  • j) He should be in good physical and mental health certified by a Government doctor.
  • k) He must be single/married or have a child.
  • l) He has never used drugs.
  • m) He should be ready to attend the initial training of the Police profession.
  • n) He is not employed or has never been employed by another Government institution.
  • o) Be ready to do Police work anywhere in Tanzania.
  • p) He should be ready to pay for himself in all stages of the interview in case he is called the interview.
  • q) He should not have tattoo marks on his body.
  • r) He should not have any criminal records.
  • s) For applicants with Bachelor’s level education (NTA level 8), Diploma (NTA level 6) and Diploma (NTA Level 5 or NVA Level 3) they must have the fields specified in this advertisement.

How to Apply

All applicants are required to write their own letters of application to hand (Handwriting) without forgetting phone numbers and use the following address

Mkuu wa Jeshi la Polisi
S.L.P 961

All applicants should make their application through the Employment system of Police (TANZANIA POLICE FORCE – RECRUITMENT PORTAL) found on the website of the Police Force

For further information about these vacancies, how to apply and use the police force job portal please download pdf files below

Application Deadline

The deadline for receiving applications is May 16, 2024

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