Names of Applicants Called for Work at Benjamin Mkapa Hospital (BMH) and NITAJIRA PORTAL 

The Secretary of the Public Service Recruitment Secretariat is pleased to inform job applicants who participated in the interview from 13-05-2023 to 09-04-2024 about the results.

The names of successful candidates are listed in this announcement. The list also includes candidates from the database assigned to various positions.

Successful applicants are required to collect their job placement letters at the Public Service Recruitment Secretariat offices located at the University of Dodoma (UDOM), Dr. Asha Rose Migiro buildings, within seven days from the date of this announcement. Letters not collected within this period will be sent via postal addresses.

Additionally, successful applicants must report to their employers within the specified period stated in their job placement letters, with original academic certificates for verification. Those not listed did not pass the interview, and are encouraged to reapply for future job openings.


Applicants collecting their job placement letters must bring identification (e.g., Citizenship ID, Passport, Resident ID, Voter ID, or Work ID).

List of Successful Candidates and Job Positions

1Benjamin Mkapa HospitalMedical Specialist II (Orthopaedics & Trauma)Michael John Mushi
2Benjamin Mkapa HospitalNurse Grade II1. Daudi Boniventula Zumba
2. Veronica Jeremiah
3Benjamin Mkapa HospitalDental Laboratory Technologist IIPeter Thadeus Lekule
4Benjamin Mkapa HospitalICT Officer II (Database Administrator)Rosemary John Namilikwa
5Benjamin Mkapa HospitalEngineer II (Electrical)Patrick Emmanuel Munuo
6Benjamin Mkapa HospitalAccountant II1. Alicia Vitalis Rushaka
2. Tumaini George Mkumbwa
7Benjamin Mkapa HospitalAssistant Nursing Officer Grade II1. Kagoma Benedicto Kagoma
2. Linda Joseph Mwanga
3. Veronica Fredrick Mgina
4. Jane William Kimaro
8Benjamin Mkapa HospitalProcurement Officer IIFrancis Simon Mgalla
9Benjamin Mkapa HospitalLegal Officer Grade IIChristopher Kilango Mkodo
10Benjamin Mkapa HospitalDriver Grade II1. Shakir Hemed Salimu
2. John Ignas Peter
3. Juma Mohamed Msuya
11Benjamin Mkapa HospitalTechnician Grade II (Electrician)Masatu Richard Palapala
12Benjamin Mkapa HospitalTechnician Grade II (Plumber)Salumu Mohamed Salumu
13Benjamin Mkapa HospitalHealth Assistant II1. Albert Rogart Oscar
2. Graceana Francis Koyanga
3. Joseph Christopher Mero
4. Winfrida Bartolomayo Kimaro
5. Mwasiti Mohamed Bakari
6. Fredrick Ndayanse Fadhili
7. Paulina Henry Kepha
8. Hamza Salimu Hamza
9. Abdallah Mickdadi Nazareth
10. Sadick Shaban Mkwizu
14Benjamin Mkapa HospitalMedical Laboratory Technologist II1. Danford Christopher Magadii
2. Imani Saidi Hamisi
3. Paskalina Kimario Rogasiani
15Benjamin Mkapa HospitalPharmaceutical Technician II1. Fadhili Mohamed Chandima
2. David Aron Anderson
16Benjamin Mkapa HospitalPharmacist II1. Musa Mtoro Saidi
2. Ezekiel Mabeyo Ezekiel
3. Tusankine Zerubabel Nzowa
17Benjamin Mkapa HospitalRadiography Technician IIMarylin Humphrey Lyakurwa
18Benjamin Mkapa HospitalTechnician II (Electrical)Abdul Karim Lutego
19Benjamin Mkapa HospitalInternal Auditor IISimon Gasper Swai
20National Institute of Transport (NIT)Assistant Lecturer in Computer NetworkingExaud Noel Kitomary
21National Institute of Transport (NIT)Assistant Lecturer in Electronics SciencesMike Majham Kakwaya
22National Institute of Transport (NIT)Assistant Lecturer in Computer ProgrammingJacob Herman Leonard
23National Institute of Transport (NIT)Tutor II in EconomicsEmilian Joseph Lutonja
24National Institute of Transport (NIT)Tutor II in Electronics and Telecommunications EngineeringYassir Mabrouk Saaduni
25National Institute of Transport (NIT)Tutorial Assistant in LawEmanuel Siima Bura
26National Institute of Transport (NIT)ICT Officer II (Programmer)Musa Selemani Ally
27National Institute of Transport (NIT)Assistant Tutor II in Automobile EngineeringMasambala Mtaki Magumba
28National Institute of Transport (NIT)Driver Grade IIGregory Silvester Lusasi
29National Institute of Transport (NIT)Clinical Officer IIAlex Albert Stima
30National Institute of Transport (NIT)Admission Officer Grade II1. Charles Fyili Wisize
2. Bakari Nuhu Ramadhani
31National Institute of Transport (NIT)Planning Officer IILivinus Mwesiga Jonas
32National Institute of Transport (NIT)Accounts Officer IIMichael Alfred Gewe

For more information about this announcement please download pdf file attached below

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