List of Nurses Succeeded TAESA Interview to Work in DubaiTAESA 

The Tanzanian government, through the Tanzania Employment Services Agency (TAESA), recently announced job opportunities for nurses in Dubai.

This initiative aims to provide highly skilled Tanzanian nurses with the chance to expand their professional horizons and gain international experience.

It also reflects the government’s commitment to addressing the employment needs of its citizens by creating pathways to global job markets.

The recruitment process was meticulously conducted to ensure that only the most qualified candidates were selected.

This rigorous selection process involved comprehensive interviews and assessments to evaluate the candidates’ clinical skills, professionalism, and readiness to work in an international healthcare environment.

The interviews were held at various locations to accommodate applicants from different regions, ensuring a fair and inclusive process.

Following the successful completion of the recruitment process, TAESA has released the full list of nurses who have passed the interviews.

These nurses are now poised to embark on their new roles in Dubai, where they will contribute to the healthcare sector with their expertise and dedication.

This opportunity not only enhances their individual careers but also serves as a testament to the quality of training and education provided by Tanzanian medical institutions.

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