Job Opportunities for PharmacistsLEGIT 

Job Title: Pharmacist
Location: Sengerema Town, Tanzania

If you are a qualified pharmacist looking for an exciting opportunity to make a difference in the healthcare industry

Apply Now: Job Opportunities for Pharmacists at TMHS

Busisi Pharmacy is expanding, and we are seeking a dedicated and professional pharmacist to join our team.

Job Requirements

  • Registration: Must be registered with the Pharmacy Council of Tanzania.
  • Licensure: Possess a valid license of practice.
  • Work Style: Ready to work individually or as a team.
  • Leadership: Willing to work as Superintendent.

Why Join Busisi Pharmacy?

At Busisi Pharmacy, we are committed to providing exceptional pharmaceutical services to our community. Our team is passionate about healthcare, and we strive to create a supportive and collaborative environment for our staff.

Apply Now: Job Opportunities for Pharmacists at the ICAP

How to Apply

Interested candidates are encouraged to apply by sending their resume to the following contacts:

Phone Numbers: 0767 466 761 or 0746 896 690

    Don’t miss this opportunity to advance your career with Busisi Pharmacy. Apply now and be part of a team that values excellence and professionalism in pharmaceutical care.

    Apply Today!

    For more information, visit us at Sengerema Town or contact us at the provided phone numbers. We look forward to welcoming a new member to our dedicated team.

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