Important Public Announcement From Ajira PortalAJIRA PORTAL 


The Secretary of the President’s Office, Public Service Recruitment Secretariat, would like to inform all those called for interviews to update their information in order to be assigned to an interview center close to their residence.

Please note that when updating information, focus on your personal details, current resident region, and current resident district. The deadline for updating this information is June 10, 2024.

There will be no opportunity to change the interview location after the mentioned date, as interview arrangements will be based on the number of candidates at each center.

This information is issued by the Government Communications Unit

NB: Jerasp advises everyone with an ajira portal account on the to update their current residence information. This will make it easier to schedule interviews at locations close to where they live. Remember You won’t have a chance to update this information after the deadline of June 10, 2024.

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