3 Apps to Read Someone’s SMS Location and Calls Anonymously.

1. Spyhuman

Without much controversy Spyhuman takes the throne in mobile trackers. Some apps promise to be able to track call logs and SMS. Spyhuman does more.

The things Spyhuman can do are SMS tracking, call logs & call recording tracking, GPS location tracking, contact details, App usage information, VoIP Recording, Live call recording, Whatsapp messages tracking, Social media tracking, File explorer monitoring, Images Tracking and Remote Controling a device.

You can get all these features for a free or paid acco. A free account is a 7-day trial, after which you will have to pay $ 9.99 / month for each phone you want to pay for your account.

Bottom line

You can protect yourself from this type of hacking by turning off your data when you are not using it, not letting anyone touch your phone and also using some mobile antiviruses such as Kaspersky.

Breaching someone’s privacy is illegal, Jerasp LLC and the Company will not be liable in any way for the misuse of this information.

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Reference: Kuona location, SMS & Calls bila yeye kujua