Health Laboratory Practitioners Council (HLPC 2022 Guide)


Health laboratory Practitioners Council (HLPC) is a regulatory body established under Act 12 of 2007 with the major responsibilities, which includes but not limited to; 

  • Prescribe the ethics and code of conduct for health laboratory Practitioners
  • Regulate the standards and practice of the profession of health Laboratory
  • Keep and maintain the Register, the Roll and the Record of Licensed persons
  • Issue certificates of registration and enrolment to health Laboratory practitioners.
  • Issue licenses to licensed persons under section 25.
  • Advise the Government on matters relating to delivery of health Laboratories services and performance of functions by health laboratory practitioners.
  • Advise and regulate the implementation of the curricula for the training of health laboratory assistants, health laboratory technologists and health laboratory scientists.
  • Conduct examinations for health laboratory practitioners prior to registration or enrolment, if necessary.
  • Prescribe standards and conditions for establishing a training institution.
  • Cancel certificates or licenses and amend any particulars there to and to replace any certificate or license proven to have been lost or destroyed.
  • The council consists of four committee in which each committee play its specific roles to ensure that the mission and vision of the council achieved.

Vision of HLPC

A model and autonomous excellence driven body corporate for quality health laboratory practice.

Mission of HLPC

Regulation of Health Laboratory practice of high standard, safe and ethical through appropriate training, registration and licensing of Health Laboratory Practitioners.


How health laboratory practitioners council (HLPC) certification will help you and the country in general

Recognition and Verification

Certified Lab Practitioners can be recognized national wide and so be qualified to work in any Medical Laboratory . With this certification anyone can verify the validity of the Lab Practitioner to operate in any medical Laboratory

Fair distribution of Lab Personel

Registered Location information of registered practitioner will be helpfull to know which regions and districts has deficiency of Lab Practitioner , by doing so effort can be made to send more practitioner in a dedicated areas .

Reports and Statistics

Certified and registered Lab Practitioner data can be usefull in generating reports and statistical facts that is usefull by the ministries in Marking decisions and allocation of resources in Medical Laboratories

Under Qualified Personel Identification

With records of all certified Lab Practitioners , now it will be easy for anyone to identify the Lab Practitioner who have no Qualification of working in any Medical Laboratory in Tanzania


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