10 Signs Your Boyfriend is Cheating on You

10 Signs Your Boyfriend is Cheating on You

Cheating is something that has affected lots of our relationships, here are 10 signs to catch your cheating boyfriend

Signs Your Boyfriend is Cheating on You

Cheating is something that has affected many of us whether it’s advising a friend or relative who has concerns about their relationship, or letting a glimmer of doubt cross your own mind when it comes to your own relationship.

Lots of couples have rough patches and our interests in each other come and go, depending on how secure you feel as a couple. So, if you do suspect that your partner could be having an affair, how can you tell? What are the signs he’s cheating?

We’ve come up with a list of the 10 most common signs and explained what the innocent explanation could be and the reasons why it could be a sign of cheating.

Is my boyfriend cheating? Signs he is cheating on you:

Want to know how to tell if your partner is cheating? We spoke to lots of Psychologist and We-Vibe’s relationship expert about some of the most common signs of cheating and the reasons behind them.

In fact, if you suspect your boyfriend is cheating, then you’ll finally get to the truth after you read this post.

I hope for your sake you’re proven wrong.

We have a lot to cover so let’s get started.

10 Signs Your Boyfriend is Cheating on You

1. He seems distracted

Your once attentive boyfriend barely seems to look you in the eye these days. You find yourself repeating things to him because he’s not listening.

It’s hard for him to stay in the conversation and he is always looking over your shoulder. If he’s cheating on you, you’ll find that he has disconnected from your relationship in many ways.

According to family therapist David Klow, “if your partner’s actions start changing, then it might be a sign of infidelity.”

Love should always be unconditional (to a reasonable extent), and that means we automatically want to give our partner the attention they deserve to keep them happy.

Paying attention to and “being in the moment” with your partner shouldn’t feel like an active thing you need to think about doing; it should come naturally because you love spending time with them so much.

And while your boyfriend may have exhibited this kind of behavior before, he doesn’t do so as much anymore.

You can’t really remember when, but there was a point where he stopped being all there with you, all the time.

There’s always something distracting him, always a reason for him to be on his phone, or to cut dates short, or to leave your place earlier than expected.

He might chalk it up to an active and full life, but you know that there have been no huge changes in his hobbies or careers accounting for this giant shift in behavior.

So what’s really distracting him, and why is it more important than you?

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