These are the Major Criterias to be Employed by TAMISEMI 2023

The Minister of State for the Office of the President, Regional Administration and Local Government, Angellah Kairuki, has explained that PO-RALG will be looking for these criteria to employ 2023 applicants

These job vacancies were announced on April 12, 2023, and include 21,200 positions in teaching and health cadres, with 13,130 jobs in teaching and 8,070 jobs in health cadres.

And we are looking at only three criterias: the first is the year of graduation, the second is education, the third is disability.

Graduation year

“Hon. Speaker, let us assure the honorable members of parliament that in this process that we have now, we will first start with the jobs of 2015, those who graduated from school in 2015,” explained Minister Kairuki. “And we are looking at only three areas: the first is the year of graduation, the second is disability, the third is education, and in this, maybe I made it clear what kind of studies we are looking for. Possible that others do not know.”



“They are science lessons, if you look at physics, chemistry, and biology, the English language, but also English and literature with our technical experts in our science laboratories,” Kairuki further explained.

Recently, there has been a heated debate in Parliament, with some MPs suggesting that the jobs should be given to the states. However, Kairuki has assured the MPs that the process will be fair and just.



According to TAMISEMI employment laws, disabled people must account around 3% of the total employments

Bottom line

“Let me assure the Honorable Members of Parliament and in this matter, in fact, people should not blame you, Honorable Members of Parliament, and do not judge them that you may not have helped anyone or anything.

And there are even leaders who have called me, and I have said that I don’t look at the leader, I don’t look at who is who, we are doing justice. Because if we don’t do that, my brothers, someone who doesn’t know anyone, we will build a nation that in the future we will have a lot of trouble.”

Angellah Kairuki
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  1. Yeah, it’s very better to start with a graduates of 2015 before that of 2016 and so on, we are very proudly of that and we will not blame our government when they follow this process

  2. Mkeka ndio utaofanya tujue haki imetendeka kias gan mana bashungwa alichotufanya mwaka jana cjui alikua anatumia vimemo pekeyake

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