5 Reasons TAMISEMI Uses Graduation Year as The Main Hiring Criterion

Tensions have risen following TAMISEMI’s announcement that the year of graduation will be the primary factor in the recruitment of healthcare workers and teachers in 2023 announced vacancies.

The clash of ideas among stakeholders has been intense, with some supporting the decision while others criticize it.

The announcement has sparked a debate about the effectiveness of the proposed criteria and its potential impact on the quality of services provided.

The following are the five main reasons that have caused TAMISEMI to use the year of graduation as the main criterion for hiring in 2023.

Please note that this is not TAMISEMI’s saying but the opinion of Jerasp LLC Editor.

First Reason is Experience

People gain experience through exposure to different situations and challenges. They can acquire knowledge and skills by actively engaging in a particular field of study or practice.

Graduates of 2015 will possess greater experience than recent graduates. This is due to the additional years spent in the workforce.

To Ensure That Those Who are About to Disqualify Get a Chance

TAMISEMI hires graduates from past years to ensure that qualified individuals are not excluded from employment opportunities in the government because of the age limit, which prohibits individuals over the age of 45 from being employed.

This is how the current system operates, but TAMISEMI seeks to counteract this limitation by selecting from previous year’s graduates.

This approach enables deserving candidates to be considered for positions in the government, regardless of their age.



Due to the fact that the Ministry of TAMISEMI is led by Humans like us, they are aware of the sensitivity surrounding the issue of young graduates who remain unemployed despite completing their studies long time ago.

The empathetic nature compels them to sympathize with these individuals, as they understand the challenges face in securing government employment.

To Reduce Life Difficulties

Currently, we are all experiencing the challenging reality of life. It is worth contemplating the predicament of someone who completed their studies in 2015 and now has a family.

The burden of these difficulties can become unbearable if the government does not provide assistance.

It is imperative for the government to take responsibility and alleviate the challenges faced by individuals and families during these trying times.


To Reduce Bias

There was a period where having a connection was crucial to getting a job. Without such a connection, obtaining a job can be difficult.

Establishing a graduation year criterion by the government would aid in decreasing the number of individuals who fail to meet this requirement.

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