Full Instructions From TAMISEMI Officials on How to Apply for Jobs April 2023

The government through PO-RALG announced about 21000 jobs for health cadre and teachers.

Although this has been a boon for health professionals and teachers, there have been different challenges when applying

Due to some applicants encountering challenges while applying, TAMISEMI have decided to come forward to solve some of those challenges facing applicants.

Some of the challenges that were solved by TAMISEMI themselves are the following

1. Account already exists

This challenge has been seen especially for those who sent applications through the system last year where when they try to register an account again they have been getting the message that “account already exists”

Solution: Do not register a new account if you joined in 2022 through this system, log in using the username and password you used in 2022 when you registered an account.

It seems there was a typo in the message it should have read like this “ndio barua unaatach upya na pamoja na machaguo



2. Acceptable type of letter

Many applicants are confused whether they should attach a handwritten or printed letter.

TAMISEMI replied the applicant that any type of letter is acceptable, but Jerasp reminds you to sign your letter before you attach it.

Remember to attach your CV alogside you application letter in a single pdf as instructed by TAMISEMI below

Both Swahili and English language is acceptable

Note: Attaching your CV is not a required criteria but if you must attach it then follow the above instructions.



3. Forgot password

It is true that a long time has passed since the applicants sent their last application in April 2022, so it is obvious that many will have forgotten their passwords that they used last year.

If you have encountered this challenge do not worry it’s simple, you need to reset your password and the system will automatically guide you on how to get a new password that you can use to log in and finnish your application.



4. Unable to add information

For those who experience challenges when trying to upload information into the system, they get an “Undefined” message

This challenge can be solved by TAMISEMI IT, so contact TAMISEMI through these numbers +255 735 160 210



Bottom line

Through her twitter page the minister of TAMISEMI Hon. Anjela Kairuki has told the citizens and all the applicants that if they find out how there is a violation of the procedure, they should not hesitate to inform her

She said this while responding to a twitter user who said that these jobs should come out fairly without bias.

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  1. Habari kwa upande wa mteknolojia msaidizi dawa machaguo ya mikoa hayapoo tunaomba mturekebishie mfumo

      1. 1.Ni lazima kuweka certified vyeti au hata original?
        2.Na Kama umekosea kuweka transcript na application umemaliza unawezaje kubadilisha maana hakuna option

      2. Habar ,samahan kwa wale ambayo majina yetu yana shida ila tu deep pool ,tunafanya tuomba msaada ,Asante

  2. Habar ,samahan kwa wale ambayo majina yetu yana shida ila tu deep pool ,tunafanya tuomba msaada ,Asante

    1. Samahani Nina maanisha ni afidavity ( cheti Cha kiapo ) kama majina yamekosewa je naruhusiwa kuweka

  3. Samahani kila nikijaribu kubadilisha email na namba ya simu ya zamani kwenye taarifa binafsi nnashindwa nisaidieni email na namba ya simu ya awali ilipotea saivi nna barua pepe nyingine na namba ya simu ndio nimeandika kwenye barua ya wasifu

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