ADDO Medicines List: Comprehensive List From the Pharmacy Council

ADDO Medicines List

What is ADDO?

Accredited Drug Dispensing Outlets are the pharmacies you see on your street where you go to get medicine. These stores have been set up in full compliance with the regulations set forth by the Pharmacy Council of Tanzania.

You might have wondered why some medicines aren’t available there when you ask for it. Today, I’ll explain why.

The Reason

Recognizing the vital role of medications in our society, the Tanzania Pharmacy Council has chosen to include 36 in-demand drug types that can be obtained without the need for a doctor’s prescription and 26 drugs that needs doctor’s prescription.

It’s these specific medications that the attendant at these shops provide to the community.

As always, Jerasp, our role is to furnish you with such information, enhancing your understanding of the reasons behind certain situations.

Join me to learn which drugs are allowed in these types of pharmacies called Duka la Dawa Muhimu (DLDM).

Full List of Drugs Allowed in ADDO

To access the list, please download the PDF file provided by the Pharmacy Council of Tanzania, designed to inform and educate the community.


Medications play a crucial role in treating a range of illnesses. However, it’s vital to heed your doctor’s guidance, as drug abuse can result in drug resistance.

ADDO Medicines list

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