Get a Job Effortlessly: True Story From My Experience

The undeniable truth is that if you fight with all your strength, everything is possible without connections, but things become easier with connections. Remember that woman you easily met through a friend? That’s the power of connections, just kidding.

In job hunting, your effort in distributing CVs can yield positive results if you don’t give up. However, having connections makes it easier; a single phone call can land you a job.

I’ve experienced scenarios where connections made job acquisition effortless, leading me to write this article to share insights on true connections. Many believe knowing leaders or influential people helps in getting jobs, but I have reservations about that.

Who are your true connections? Let’s dive into the topic quickly.

From my experience true connections are


In 2022 one of my classmate helped me secure a job with a single phone call after months of unsuccessful CV submissions.

Lesson: Your classmate knows your strengths and weaknesses, making them valuable connections.


Networking while distributing CVs led me to a person I barely knew from the same school. He contacted me later, offering a job connection. It’s the place that I’m working till now.

Lesson: While distributing your CV talk to employees in the same field as yours who works in that office; some may help you find opportunities outside their office.


Building good relationships with colleagues can result in job offers. I’ve received a couple of job offers from current colleagues who knew of opportunities.

Lesson: Treat your workmates well; they may know of other job openings.

People in Authority/Leader

These individuals may help in mass employment situations but might be cautious about direct recommendations.

Lesson: Don’t solely rely on them; they do not know your ability therefore they fear damaging their reputation if the job doesn’t work out.


Remember, these are my opinions based on personal experiences. In my view, these connections are valuable due to the positive outcomes I’ve witnessed. Feel free to share other true connections in the comments.

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