Unlocking Your Path to the Ministry of Health: 4 Key Tips for a Smooth Hire

4 Key Tips for a Smooth Hire at the Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health in Tanzania, the government body responsible for formulating and implementing health policies, regulations, and guidelines in the country, plays a crucial role in ensuring the provision of quality healthcare services to the Tanzanian population.

Through the Permit of the Office of the President, Staff Management Public and Good Governance with Ref. And. FA.97/128/01/ B”I75 dated 04 May, 2023, and Ref. And FA.97/128/01″B”/78 dated August 9, 2023; it announces 289 Health Cadre vacancies as follows:

To explore the current job openings, we kindly invite you to download the PDF document provided below


After receiving this approval, the ministry has taken the thoughtful initiative to provide a helpful guide on the proper application process, designed to streamline your path to securing these jobs.

We encourage you to peruse the guide below for a smoother application experience.

Selection of Work Locations

Selected applicants will be assigned to work in areas with a serious shortage of Health Cadre experts. These locations include:

  1. Regional Referral Hospitals:
    • Kigoma
    • Katavi
    • Sumbawanga
    • Songwe
    • Njombe
    • Ruvuma
    • Mtwara
    • Lindi
    • Simiyu
    • Gaita
    • Shinyanga
    • Tabora
    • Singida
    • Manyara
    • Mara
  2. Regional Hospitals: Chato and Mtwara
  3. Infectious Diseases Hospital Kibog’oto
  4. Health Colleges

Applicants should be prepared to work in the areas specified above.

Location Preference

Applicants who are unwilling to work in the mentioned locations are discouraged from applying. Additionally, students are not eligible to apply for these positions.

Applicants are required to choose three areas where they would like to be assigned a job if selected.

Teaching Preferences

Applicants interested in teaching in Health Colleges should specify their preference when applying, along with the application letter.

Certification of Documents

All certificates must be certified by the Court or Lawyer.

Please ensure to follow these guidelines when applying for the positions.


In this season, the ministry has made it abundantly clear that only those who are prepared to work in the specified areas should proceed with their applications.

With this in mind, Jerasp would like to kindly remind you to explicitly indicate your top three preferred work locations in case you are selected to serve the Ministry of Health.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

These are the Key Tips for a Smooth Hire at the Ministry of Health

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