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One Question to Ask Interviewer After Interview and Win That Job April 2023

During a job interview, the interviewer will typically ask if you have any questions, usually in the final five minutes. Here is one question to ask interviewer after interview

Asking intelligent and thoughtful questions can leave a lasting impression on the hiring manager and help you determine if the position is suitable for you.

Jenny Cheng, Google Wallet’s vice president and general manager, suggests that there is one question that you should always ask interviewer after interview.

“Is there anything else that you are looking for in this role that I haven’t articulated yet?”

Cheng, who has interviewed many candidates in her career, believes this question is beneficial because it allows you to address any concerns or questions the interviewer has about your skills or experience that you have not yet discussed.

It also provides you with another opportunity to demonstrate your value and differentiate yourself from other candidates.


Cheng advises that conversations can become too focused on one aspect of your skills, leaving out other things you might want to say.

As a result, candidates frequently miss the opportunity to ask, “Is there anything else we haven’t covered?” This question can help you determine if there are any important priorities that the interviewer thinks you may not be able to do or haven’t done.

The offer to share more about the role and ask follow-up questions about your skills may be appreciated by the hiring manager, and it can also provide you with a chance to assess your performance.


According to Cheng, the hiring manager’s response may reveal something you hadn’t realized was important to them.

They may request clarification or elaboration on a skill from your resume, which gives you an opportunity to address any concerns.

Alternatively, they may offer you positive feedback, such as telling you that you are one of their top candidates. In either case, you can receive valuable feedback on the spot

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