5 Reasons Behind Many Failing to Secure Employment at the Ministry of Health

Many people have approached me asking why they meet the criteria but still fail to secure employment at the Ministry of Health.

I had to seek information from within the ministry to understand why many qualified professionals are left without jobs.

After thorough investigation, I found answers that compelled me to prepare this article to prevent many qualified professionals from missing out on these opportunities in the future.

Qualified professionals have been missing out on job opportunities at the Ministry of Health due to the following reasons:

1. Age

The employment system of the Ministry of Health prioritizes healthcare professionals who are approaching the age limit of government employment, especially those nearing the age of 45 to ensure they can fulfill the required years of service to qualify for pensions after retirement.

To be eligible for pensions after retirement, one must serve the government for a minimum of 15 years.

What to do: as a job applicant, you are advised not to lose hope because everyone’s age is advancing, so your time will come.

2. Graduation Year

The year of graduation from college is another criterion given priority during the selection process for employment at the Ministry of Health.

Professionals who graduated from college years ago are often given a significant chance of securing these jobs because it is believed they have substantial work experience compared to fresh graduates.

However, considering that professionals who graduated years ago are also advancing in age, they are nearing the government’s age limit for employment.

What to do: as a job applicant, there is nothing specific you need to do as your time will come when you reach that stage.

3. Limited Job Vacancies

This is also a significant reason why many have been missing out on job opportunities at the ministry.

To date, there are at least over 40,000 healthcare professionals entering the job market, yet the ministry has been advertising very few positions, ranging from 200 to 700 per year.

As a result, there has been intense competition during the selection process for employment, leading to many qualified professionals missing out on these opportunities.

What to do: Ensure you have a competitive profile; craft an appealing CV that will make the recruiter consider you during the job placement process.

4. Employment in Organizations

Professionals employed through organizations and some healthcare institutions such as MDH and the Benjamin Mkapa Foundation have found it easier to secure these positions.

Here, it is believed that the proximity of employees from these organizations to individuals within the ministry facilitates the selectors in understanding the full capabilities of the chosen candidate.

Job vacancies in these organizations are advertised on Jerasp, so continue to visit this website regularly to not miss out on these opportunities.

What to do: Make sure you follow Jerasp and these institutions on social media to receive job notifications early.

5. Forgetting to Specify Location in the Application Letter

You might overlook this detail, but it is one of the reasons why many fail to secure these positions.

Often, the ministry directs which specific areas require healthcare professionals, and each applicant is required to specify their preferred placement location if selected.

It’s important to note that once you’ve submitted your application through the Ministry of Health’s system, it cannot be changed.

What to do: Pay close attention to the job advertisement and write your letter following the instructions provided in the job posting


Although obtaining employment at the Ministry of Health may pose challenges, comprehending these factors and adopting appropriate strategies can significantly enhance one’s prospects of success.

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