Tanzania Police Force Second Selection List

The Chief of Police announces that all selected youths are required to join the Police Force for the second phase (Second Selection). They are required to report to the Moshi Police School from 03/05/2023 to 08/05/2023 to attend training.

All young people who were interviewed at the Police Headquarters in Tanzania Regions, Mainland, and Zanzibar are required to report to the Moshi Police School by the mentioned date above. Whoever wants to report after 08/05/2023 will not be received and will be considered to have withdrawn themselves from the training.

In addition, all selected youths are required to report to the Police School equipped with the following equipment:

  • A blue track suit with a white collar, a white t-shirt without text, rubber shoes, black socks, blue sports jackets, and a blue metal box (Tranka) for sports and practice.
  • iA white round net and not a square net, two pairs of light blue sheets (Shuka 4), one gray blanket without flowers, and an iron of charcoal.
  • Cleaning equipment including a shovel, a handle, two small buckets, and a broom.
  • Health insurance card (NHIF) or cash Tsh.50,400/= for those who do not have Health insurance cards.
  • Original academic certificates, original certificates of JKT/JKU, original birth certificate, NIDA card (if available), passport size 06 photo (with blue background), and 5 copies of each certificate specified above are required.
  • Livelihood funds are also required.
  • Cell phones are not allowed on campus, so their use is prohibited. Anyone found with a phone will be considered to have committed misconduct, and the penalty is expulsion from the training program. The school will provide information on how to stay in contact without a phone.
  • The list of young people selected for the second phase (second selection) is attached to this advertisement.


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