Names of New Employed Applicants Various Public Institutions


The Secretary of the Public Service Employment Secretariat would like to inform job applicants for various positions who underwent interviews between November 26, 2022, and October 4, 2023, that the results of successful candidates are listed in this announcement.

The list includes candidates from various fields who have been assigned workstations from the existing database.

Successful applicants are required to collect their job assignment letters at the Public Service Employment Secretariat Offices located at the University of Dodoma (UDOM) in the Dr. Asha Rose Migiro Buildings, Open Registry, within seven days from the date of this announcement. After this period, unclaimed letters will be sent to the applicants’ postal addresses.

Furthermore, successful candidates are expected to report to their employers within the specified timeframe indicated in the job assignment letters.

They should bring their original academic certificates starting from the fourth year of secondary school for verification before receiving the employment letter.

Applicants whose names do not appear in this announcement should understand that they did not secure a position or did not pass the interview.

They are encouraged to reapply when new job opportunities are advertised.

Full List

If you haven’t seen the list of names, you can download the PDF below.


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