PSRS Healthcare Written and Oral Interview Questions

The following are some of the interview questions asked during utumishi interviews

We are working hard to help healthcare professionals do well in job interviews after they got chosen through the Ajira Portal. We talked to experts to learn what kinds of questions are usually asked.

Our efforts paid off, and we got a long list of questions commonly asked in interviews, whether they’re oral or written.

Many nurses helped us with our research. Here are some of the questions they said they’ve been asked in interviews

Written Interview Questions

Following are some of the questions asked in most of the Assistant Nursing Officer interviews


  1. Explain physical agent causing disease.
  2. Explain 5 steps of decision making
  3. Explain core values of nurse to Adhere in Tanzania
  4. Explain issues include on referral letter

MUHAS Written Interview Questions

  1. Aterial Blood Gas (ABG) Analysis (32 marks)
  2. Intervention (8 marks)
  3. Heart Failure (32 marks)
  4. Emergency drugs ( Matching item column A MoA column B drugs ) (marks 20)
  5. Principle of nursing ethics ( 4 points Marks 8)

MNH & JKCI Written Interview Questions

  1. Explain causes of respiratory alkalosis
  2. Explain the purpose of physical examination
  3. Explain how to measure radial pulse
  4. Explain the types of massage stroke
  5. Eplain Blood Gas Analysis
  6. Factors for ideal research design
  7. What are 3 Types of unit in hospital
  8. Explain the record keeping obligations
  9. Explain the care for status epilepticus
  10. Explain health hazards agents, objects, situations and conditions leading to occupational disease
  11. Describe how to asses health safety and effectiveness of health program
  12. injuries are recorded in different criteria. Narrate them
  13. Five layers of community health care
  14. Purposes of sterile techniques
  15. Difference between interdermal and intravenous injection
  16. Main areas of inspections in daily report

MOI ANO Written Interview Questions

  1. Explain the skin condition related to HIV infection
  2. Explain types of breathing
  3. Mention the necessiaties of counseling
  4. Explain the principle of diabetics ketoacidis for under 5 years
  5. Explain necessities of research in your field

Oral Interview Questions

The following are some of the questions asked in oral interviews

MOI Oral Interview Questions

  1. Tell us your historical and education background
  2. What are the activities done during ward round
  3. Explain the components of IPC
  4. Complications during operation in OT
  5. Explain five things you will tell the outpatient when you visit at his/her home
  6. introduce yourself
  7. What are Responsibilities of Nurse Assistant
  8. Explain how to remove bedpan
  9. Why do we send specimen to the lab (at least 3 points)
  10. How can avoid infection between you and the patient
  11. Mention sites for IV injection
  12. Physical agents causing disease (clearly explain)
  13. Explain the examples of resources allocation
  14. How will you manage a patient with laceration on right arm who applied a cloth on the wounded area at home
  15. Elaborate natural body defense against infection
  16. Mention 4 species of Malaria parasites

JKCI Oral Interview Questions

  • Explain your historical education and professional background
  • Mention the causes of disease and in each cause give one example (5 causes )
  • Mention 5 code of ethics in nursing
  • How will you prevent spread of infection when caring for open bleeding wound (5 points)
  • How will you ensure that a patient receive correct treatment as prescribed (5points)

Red Cross Oral Interview

  1. Management of obstetrics emergencies.
    • PPH
    • Eclampsia
  2. Difference between pre eclampsia and eclampsia.
  3. Mention and explain the obstetric emergencies.

Make sure to keep visiting this page regularly as we will continually update it with more questions as they come in. Your frequent visits will ensure you stay up-to-date with the latest information.

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