Teachers and Healthcare Employments: TAMISEMI Public AnnouncementFAKE 

Recently, there has been widespread misinformation circulating concerning the verification process for job applicants seeking positions within the Tanzania Ministry of State in the President’s Office – Regional Administration and Local Government (TAMISEMI).

As a result, TAMISEMI finds it imperative to address and dispel these erroneous claims to prevent any confusion or misunderstanding among potential applicants.

The primary mandate of TAMISEMI is to oversee regional development management and administration. This involves coordinating both rural and urban development policies and strategies, as well as enhancing the capacity of Regional Secretariats for integrated socioeconomic and financial development at the local government level.

It’s crucial to note that any information regarding employment opportunities within TAMISEMI will be officially communicated through verified channels.

Therefore, any circulating information like this one which is not originating from TAMISEMI or its official platforms should be treated with skepticism.

In conclusion, TAMISEMI reaffirms its commitment to transparency and integrity in the recruitment process and urges all potential applicants to rely only on official announcements for accurate information regarding job opportunities.

Let us collectively combat misinformation by staying vigilant and informed.

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