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Lis of Applicants Called for Interview Police Force Tanzania

The Chief of the Police Force announces interviews for young applicants who have applied for Police Force jobs. The interviews will take place from 31/10/2023 to 05/11/2023 across the country.

Interview Timetable

Tanzania Mainland

For Mainland Tanzania applicants with Diplomas and Degrees who applied by e-mail, interviews will be held in Dar es Salaam Police Area (Barracks) on Kilwa Road near the Police Hospital.

Applicants with fourth and sixth form education who submitted their applications to Regional Police Commanders will be interviewed in their respective regions.

Tanzania Zanzibar

For Zanzibar applicants with diplomas and degrees, interviews will be at the Zanzibar Police Headquarters, and fourth form education applicants will be interviewed in the regions where they applied.


All candidates must bring their original academic certificates, birth certificate, National Identity Authority (NIDA) ID or National Identity Number (NIDA), and JKT certificate or Confirmation Letter from the Head of Camp (for those present at JKT/JKU camps).

Interview Deadline

Candidates arriving after 05/11/2023 will not be accepted. The list of selected candidates for interviews in Dar es Salaam is attached to this announcement.

List of Applicants Called for Interview

Please feel free to access the complete list of interview candidates for the Tanzania Police Force by downloading the provided PDF document below.

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Issued by:
Chief of Police Tanzania Police Headquarters
S.L.P 961
Date: 27/10/2023

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